Tutorial: How to Make Collection-Only Sets

This tutorial was created for Michelle on Leefish. Leefish taught me how to do it, and so I shared it with other members. It’s very useful for those who love clutter in their game but not in their catalogues.

Sims 2 Categorizer is available at Paladin’s Place, and can be located in the Sims 2 » Programs section.

2014.12.29 Update: Celebkiriedhel contacted me the day before yesterday to point out that SimWardrobe’s Categoriser doesn’t work on Compressed files – it has to be done pre-compression. I can’t find the MS Word file I made this tutorial with, so please make note of this before downloading my tutorial. When I find the Word file or convert the PDF to DOCX format successfully, I’ll add this notice to the tutorial. Thank you Kiri~♥

Download PDF Tutorial