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TS2 CC objects for your game.

3t2 Rabbit Hole: Community School for the Gifted


Unfurnished and cleaned with Sims2Pack. Requires the following downloads:

Lot Download: Download

Faux Writing Pad Desk

faux_writingpad_deskThere were so many amazing school desks and chairs, but I really wanted a working writing pad desk, so I made my own. It is made up of two parts, but for storytelling, it works like a single desk.

Note: there is an optional slot for school deco, but it disables the sit option once a deco item is placed on it. I’m not sure how to fix this, but I like having the option to stick school books and bags under the chair, so I use the following workarounds:

  • place a laptop, microscope, or required seating object on the desk
  • remove the deco item, use the restored sit option, then place the deck item again on the chair rack

3t2 Rabbit Hole: Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp.

Just a thank you post. Requires the following downloads:


LJ misty-fluff

Lot Download: Download | Criminal Rewards Download: Download

TS4 Defender Wall Socket

Simple wall socket which zaps the monster under the bed. Cloned from the Coolala, the Defender Wall Light and costs 25 simoleans. Can be found in the catalogue by typing “Defender” in the search field. THIS IS A TS4 DOWNLOAD. ts4_nanashi-defenderWallSocketDownload