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3t2 Rabbit Hole: Community School for the Gifted


Unfurnished and cleaned with Sims2Pack. Requires the following downloads:

Lot Download: Download

Faux Writing Pad Desk

faux_writingpad_deskThere were so many amazing school desks and chairs, but I really wanted a working writing pad desk, so I made my own. It is made up of two parts, but for storytelling, it works like a single desk.

Note: there is an optional slot for school deco, but it disables the sit option once a deco item is placed on it. I’m not sure how to fix this, but I like having the option to stick school books and bags under the chair, so I use the following workarounds:

  • place a laptop, microscope, or required seating object on the desk
  • remove the deco item, use the restored sit option, then place the deck item again on the chair rack

Nanashi’s Easy Peasy Bookstore Set

Here is the majority of the interior for my bookstore set. There is a 4t2 conversion of the Omibul’s Omnibus Bookshelf Display in the default size and 3 additional sizes. There are also 6 new meshes: 4 bookset meshes (34 recolours x 4 mesh positions), a stackable book, and a book on a stand (inspired by fantasyrogue’s original). The shelves are designed to hold most of the popular book meshes available in the TS2 community. The 4 booksets are standalone bookcases, viz. readable. The stackable book and the book on a stand are just deco. There are over 200 simlish cover book recolours. Most are 3t2 extracts, 50 of the novel covers were created by Charterzard, and the rest are original simlish covers.

How to stack the books:
1. Place a book on the floor.
2. Place another book on top of the book.
3. Place another book on the floor.
4. Place the two stacked books on top of that book
5. Place another book on the floor.
6. Place the three stack books on top of that book… etc.

If you want to create your own vertical library stack, after stacking the books, lay them on the appropriate positional OMSPs (SilentLucidity’s).

Thanks to Fantasyrouge for the idea, and to Charterzard for his/her creator-friendly CC policy.

Download Bookstore Set

Bonus: The tall bookshelf aligns perfectly with droolworthysims’ 3t2 bookshelf ladder conversion (original creator: MarcusSims91), so I went ahead and made recolours to match my bookshelf recolours. The mesh is not included.

Download Bookshelf Ladder Recolours

Laboratory Set w/ Functional Microscope


Lab set for Knowledge/Science sims. There are two versions of this download available:

  • catalogue version – items show up in Deco » Sculptures and in a collection file.
  • collection version – items are not available in the catalogue, but can be found in a collection file.

Please note, you may only install one of the two versions because they share the same GUID.

The microscope is a remesh of Katy_76’s working microscope which can be found at Sims 2 Graveyard. I have edited the BHAVs so that skilling is at the same rate as the chessboard. The functional microscope $725 simoleans and can be found in the Hobbies » Knowledge section.

I also cloned Yuxi’s Fallout Microscope, degrungified it, and made it recolourable. The original microscope can be downloaded at Garden of Shadows and both versions can go in your game without conflict.

I will be visiting the functional microscope again in the near future to add the Science interest and to discourage high-level playful sims from using it.

Download Laboratory Set (Catalogue)
Download Laboratory Set (Collection)