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IKEA Add-ons: ISALA Collection

ISALA Cabinet – $179 Simoleans • Surfaces » Miscellaneous
ISALA Coffee Table – $199 Simoleans • Surfaces » Coffee Tables
ISALA Side Table – $179 Simoleans • Surfaces » End Tables
ISALA Laptop Table – $179 Simoleans • Surfaces » Desks

Selenaq13 has made recolours in Anna’s and IKEA colours which you can download here. Thank you~♥

Download IKEA ISALA Collection

Contacts and Eyewear Clutter


The contacts were made for one of my sims who wore glasses from childhood to the young adult life stage and then stopped wearing glasses when she became an adult. The glasses were made for my sims who wear them and have them disappear when they switch to sleepwear or underwear. The glasses on the end table make for better beside shots.

If you haven’t realised this by now… I am obsessively immersed in the details my game~✰

Download Contact Lenses and Eyewear Clutter

IKEA Add-ons: SELJE Nightstand



$29 Simoleans
Found in Surfaces » End Tables

Requested by user on my former Tumblr account.  Recolours by untidyfan can be found at Garden of Shadows, and recolours by shastakiss can be found at Sims2Artists. Thank you~♥

Download SELJE Nightstand

Glassware, Wine & Beverages Set


Drink clutter for clutter fans and storytellers with bottle and glass drink level states for natural time progression. I never cared for the default champagne flute, so I swapped it with my champagne flute to match the clutter set. There are two versions of this download available:

  • catalogue version – items show up in Deco » Sculptures and in a collection file.
  • collection version – items are not available in the catalogue, but can be found in a collection file.

Please note, you may only install one of the two versions because they share the same GUID.

Download Glassware, Wine and Beverages Set (Catalogue)
Download Glassware, Wine and Beverages Set (Collection)
Download Maxis Toasting Flute Default Replacement

Tutorial: How to Make Collection-Only Sets

This tutorial was created for Michelle on Leefish. Leefish taught me how to do it, and so I shared it with other members. It’s very useful for those who love clutter in their game but not in their catalogues.

Sims 2 Categorizer is available at Paladin’s Place, and can be located in the Sims 2 » Programs section.

2014.12.29 Update: Celebkiriedhel contacted me the day before yesterday to point out that SimWardrobe’s Categoriser doesn’t work on Compressed files – it has to be done pre-compression. I can’t find the MS Word file I made this tutorial with, so please make note of this before downloading my tutorial. When I find the Word file or convert the PDF to DOCX format successfully, I’ll add this notice to the tutorial. Thank you Kiri~♥

Download PDF Tutorial