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IKEA Add-ons: RÅSKOG Kitchen Cart


$49 Simoleons
Found in Surfaces » Shelves (9 Slots)

There are some recolours for this cart available at Leefish and on Tumblr. Thank you to Michelle and Selenaq13.

Download RÅSKOG Kitchen Cart

IKEA Add-ons: VETTRE Nightstand


Update of my first from scratch object. Comes closed and with partially open slot.

$49 Simoleons
Found in Surfaces » End Tables (2 Slots)

Selenaq13’s recolours can also be found on her Tumblr site, but to the best of my knowledge, the mesh included is not updated. I am including a link to her recolours here (sans mesh) so that they can be used with the most recent mesh and slave.

Download VETTRE Nightstand
Download Selenaq13's Recolours