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IKEA Add-ons: FABRIKÖR Glass-door Cabinet


$179 simoleans
Found in Surfaces » Shelves (9 slots)

Items cannot be moved/removed once placed in the cabinet without the undo button. Items can be moved around in the open slaved cabinet. There are recolours available by Michelle and Selenaq13 which can be found on Leefish and Tumblr respectively. Thank you~♥

Download FABRIKÖR Glass-door Cabinet

IKEA Add-ons: RÅSKOG Kitchen Cart


$49 Simoleons
Found in Surfaces » Shelves (9 Slots)

There are some recolours for this cart available at Leefish and on Tumblr. Thank you to Michelle and Selenaq13.

Download RÅSKOG Kitchen Cart

IKEA Add-ons: VETTRE Nightstand


Update of my first from scratch object. Comes closed and with partially open slot.

$49 Simoleons
Found in Surfaces » End Tables (2 Slots)

Selenaq13’s recolours can also be found on her Tumblr site, but to the best of my knowledge, the mesh included is not updated. I am including a link to her recolours here (sans mesh) so that they can be used with the most recent mesh and slave.

Download VETTRE Nightstand
Download Selenaq13's Recolours